Street Shower-Nepal

It seems that Nepalese have a natured sense of closeness with water; however, it is understood that there is no indoor public bathroom in Kathmandu. The reason is that it’s too expensive to bathe there, so most of the Nepalese choose to bathe in the street fountain. In Nepal, water resource is very rich; there are many antique open-air pools, fountains and station for water fetching everywhere on the street in Kathmandu, beside the temple or even in the residential area.

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Street Butcher shops Thamel-Kathmandu


Butcher shops in Kathmandu are like nowhere I’ve ever seen: the chopped up pieces of meat sit out in the open on a table.  Usually the butcher shop owner hovers over the meat chunks with a wand to dispel the flies.

But, mornings are when the butchers actually slaughter the said animal (usually goat).


Our walk took us by a number of butcher shops.   I saw a spotted brown goat munching on a blade of grass, looking forlorn, and tied to a stake.  His former compatriot was sitting in three pieces, completely shaved, on the butcher’s table: head on the far left, abdomen and front legs in the middle, and hind quarters sitting askew on the far left.

I felt that the alive goat was not feeling so lucky and could most likely sense his impending doom.

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Re-Look Achrafieh


What if we take the time to have a second look at our city…. not through the eyes of its accustomed inhabitants, but through the eyes of a perfect stranger…

Very familiar and beautiful places will all of a sudden look less spectacular, they will look wired.

Our city has been invaded by millions of dark, bulky wires that took part of our landmarks and reshaped our traditional architectural places, streets, homes and even tourist attractions.

This is a call to relook our city. By overexposing these wires, I hope everyone will have a re-look on the city and contribute to its relooking so it would regain its original glamour.

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Mounir Maalouf-The roots of Douma

Mounir Maalouf-mid eighties

Every Sunday Morning, sunny or rainy, walks from home to the Church in Douma old souk. (aprox 2km)

From Home

Passing by…

Towards the Light….

In the Light.

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